90 for 90


Early last year, some much-needed improvements were made at Sunset Bible Camp.

The ideal situation would have been to raise the money before these improvements, but time did not allow that option.  The camp secured a line of credit for $175,000, and they have reduced that amount to $82,000 with the help of different contributors and fundraisers.  

Please consider partnering with Sunset!  Here are some ways you can help: “90 for 90”- they are asking 90 individuals to give $1000 each, paying for entire loan and then some OR commit to giving a monthly amount ($100, $50, $25) for 1 year or until this debt is paid in full.  Each individual can contribute monthly by giving through FCC Sapulpa, sending to Sunset, or paying online at sunsetbiblecamp.org.

Since they have taken BIG STEPS, it has made a BIG DIFFERENCE!  Campers have increased by 20% in the last five years.  Sunset has been talking to new churches interested in coming to camp, some who attended for the first time last year.  If more new churches decide to come to Sunset, there will need to make some adjustments to be able to accommodate them.  That’s a great situation to be in!  Even more reason to get this line of credit out of the way, so they can begin to look down the road!

If you have any questions about Sunset Bible Camp or the “90 for 90” campaign, please contact Lance or Sarah.