Story of Identity

We all have stories we tell ourselves. We interpret our lives in such a way as to rationalize or create meaning out of our pasts and where we want to go in the future. This also has to do with the way we want other people to see us, too. As you can tell, the stories we tell ourselves can be beneficial but they can also be destructive and perhaps even oppressive by holding us back from our ideal life. We take these stories with us into every single relationship we ever have. Naturally, this can lead to a lot of bad decisions and regret.

Or, our stories can also lead us to purpose, meaning, and fullness. This depends on not so much what the story consists of but how we tell it. Even more, if we take the story of the Bible, or how God has moved in the world and what God is up to, and build our identities from there, it could alter our lives in a significant way. During this series, we explore five areas we often find ourselves telling a false story and will speak to the real and truthful story God spoke over us: that we are made in God’s image and loved deeply.

Series Big Idea: No one can lie to us like ourselves.